A Series and Novels by Victoria Scott

A Series and Novels by Victoria Scott

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Madam Karina gives Domino a job inside her West Texas house for entertainers after finding her in an alleyway. With few options left and her own goal, Domino accepts. She doesn’t take long to work her way through the ranks to win the madam’s favor. However, Domino decides to leave after enduring weeks of harassment and learning the madam’s secrets. She doesn’t realize how difficult it will be because the madam detests losing inventory. However, Madam Karina is unaware of the individual residing in Domino’s thoughts.

Madam Karina is unaware of Wilson.


Sloan enjoys hunting.

So she shouldn’t have anything to be terrified about. But ever since her mother abandoned the family and she suffered hearing loss in one ear during a blizzard, it has been difficult for her to interact with others and nearly impossible for her to leave the house without her dad or older sister being within sight. As a result, she is now too afraid to be by herself.

She is already in panic mode when they leave her home alone for what should be two nights. The snow then begins to fall and doesn’t stop. Accidentally, one of her neighbors is harmed. The only way for the few residents of Rustic to get a doctor from their remote Alaskan settlement is to get to the river and the boat that is moored there.

But the wolves are ravenous, and the forests are bitterly cold. Food, energy, and time are all running low for Sloan and her group. The wolves then begin to stalk them.


Astrid Sullivan’s life has focused on the mechanical horses since the Titans first emerged in her Detroit neighborhood. She and her best friend have watched them and their jockeys practice on the racecourse for numerous hours. Not just the excitement of the race. The horses’ engineering and programming that makes them appear so natural are to blame. Astrid is fascinated by the Titans, but she will never touch them.

She shares a little of their hatred. Her father staked everything on the Titans and lost. The races also serve as a stark reminder of the wealth disparity between the wealthy jockeys who can afford the expensive machines to ride and Astrid’s lower-class friends and neighbors who place bets.

However, Astrid decides to gamble when she is allowed to enter an early model Titan in this year’s derby. Because it represents more than a chance at fame or wealth for a girl from the underclass, she can only keep everyone in the world she loves about by placing a bet on herself.


Remember, Molly, how many lies have we told? It’s so much that my head is spinning. When I first met you, you were crazy, and I fell hard for you. Then, though, something happened. And you’re gone now.

But do not fret. I’ll locate you. To find out where you might be, I merely need to sort through the events surrounding us. I have a list of names and places to look.

Additionally, the police have a list of names. Now, what? There’s still more deceit. The only person they are focusing on is Molly.


Tella Holloway has a meltdown. Her parents decide to go to Montana for the new air after a dozen doctors cannot diagnose her brother’s illness. She’s lost her friends, her parents are mad, and her brother is dying—but she can do nothing to stop it.

Until she receives enigmatic instructions on how to enter the Brimstone Bleed as a Contender, she might win the prize she desperately wants in this epic race across jungle, desert, ocean, and mountain. It’s the treatment for her brother’s disease. There is no assurance that Tella (or any other Contenders) will survive the race because they seek the Cure for loved ones and have only an animal friend for assistance.


Tella Holloway endured dangerous journeys through the jungle in Fire & Flood and harrowing marches across the desert to continue competing in the Brimstone Bleed and have a chance at acquiring the Cure for her brother. In Salt & Stone, Tella must contend with the ominous perils of the sea, the cold of a mountain, and perverse new race regulations.

As the race closes, Tella is running out of time, resources, and strength. There were 122 Competitors present at the start of the event. There are 41 people left as Tella and her surviving pals begin the fourth and last leg of the marathon. Just one will triumph.


Dante Walker is very fantastic, and he is aware of this. He is one of Hell’s top soul collectors thanks to his stunning appearance, deadly charisma, and great confidence. His task is to sort through people and stamp those round rears with a large red “good” or “bad” stamp. Bag-and-tag. Soul sealing is not a personal matter. Dante insists on treating everyone equally since he is an equal-opportunity collector. He will need to adapt, though, as Boss Man has given him a new task:

Within ten days, collect Charlie Cooper’s soul.

Boss Man wants Charlie for an unknown reason, but neither Dante nor he cares. For him, completing this task will guarantee his eternal release from Hell. But as Dante meets the eccentric Nerd Alert girl he’s come to collect, he understands that this task will test his collecting skills and reveal deeply suppressed feelings.


Dante dislikes the sparkling new cuff that is wrapped around his ankle in the slightest. His new attachment, which was given to him directly by Big Guy, identifies the former demon as a liberator. Despite his troubled history and lousy boy tendencies, Dante Walker has been given a second opportunity.

Dante is confident that he can complete his first task as a liberator, which is to save the soul of Aspen, a seventeen-year-old. But Aspen brings back memories of his rebellious past and makes it challenging for him to withstand urges to misbehave. Despite Dante’s commitment to maintaining a clean lifestyle for Charlie, he has been a playboy for too long, and old demons are persistent.

Dante will have to go somewhere he never thought he’d return to achieve the impossible: save the girl he’s been assigned to, and keep the girl he loves. With Charlie becoming the girl she was never able to be before her makeover and Aspen showing him how delicious it feels to embrace his inner beast,


There will be a war between Heaven and Hell, but Dante Walker makes it look fantastic.

Charlie, Dante’s girlfriend, is destined to save the world. Aspen is an ordained soldier and the girl who makes you feel like a sister. Dante must finish liberator training at the Hive, save Aspen from Hell, and decipher a message hidden on an old scroll to assist them in fulfilling their destiny and winning the war.

Even though Dante is designed for battle, he cannot manage Aspen’s nightmares in which spiders crawl from her eyes or Charlie’s expression of impending destruction. To make matters worse, the adversary takes advantage of any opening to enter the Hive and harm the liberators. But the day of judgment is drawing near, and for Dante to triumph, he must embrace something he has never done before: faith.