CSAC’s Cash for College outreach program provides workshops to help students complete their FAFSA or CADAA forms

March 29, 2022 Off By Virgil Olson

CSAC’s Cash for College outreach program provides workshops to help students complete their FAFSA or CADAA forms

  • Two program technicians for CSAC’s call center to address a higher volume of student inquiries due to the new and expanded programs.
  • One associate governmental program analyst to support school districts with the new financial aid application requirement.
  • One attorney to provide legal counsel related to the new and expanded programs.
  • One research data specialist to support the Cradle to Career data system and other programs. (This position would be funded by $150,000 ongoing General Fund provided to CSAC in 2021?22 payday loans in Pittsburg no credit check for the Cradle to Career data system.)


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Proposed Positions Are Linked to New Workload. Under the Governor’s budget, CSAC’s local assistance spending in 2022?23 is $1.5 billion (60 percent) higher than the level two years earlier in 2020?21. Given the magnitude of the recent s and the added complexity of some of the programs, we think staffing increases at CSAC are warranted. Moreover, the administration and CSAC have provided information about CSAC’s new workload justifying the specific positions proposed.

CSAC Has Also Identified Further Staffing Needs. Beyond the five positions included in the Governor’s budget, CSAC has requested 22 additional positions in 2022?23. These consist of 14 positions related to program administration and outreach, as well as 8 positions to expand support functions related to IT, government and external relations, budget, and human resources. Some of these positions could be warranted based on workload increases. The Legislature would need more information, including workload analyses, to assess how many and which additional positions to provide.


Approve the Five Positions at Minimum. Given the workload increases associated with recent program expansions at CSAC, we recommend approving the five positions included in the Governor’s budget. Beyond these five positions, the Legislature may wish to work with the administration and CSAC to determine if any additional staffing is needed to ensure that CSAC has the capacity to successfully implement the many new and expanded programs included in last year’s budget.

Cash for College

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Below, we provide background on the Cash for College program, describe the Governor’s proposal to provide a one?time , assess that proposal, and provide an associated recommendation.


Cash for College Program Assists Students With Financial Aid Applications. In 2021?22, the program is providing an estimated 900 workshops across the state. The state provides $328,000 ongoing General Fund for the program. These funds are allocated to the seven regional coordinating organizations (typically nonprofit entities) that help administer the program, supporting the high schools and colleges that host the workshops.


Governor Proposes One?Time Expansion of Cash for College Program. The Governor’s budget provides $500,000 one?time General Fund to , bringing total program funding to $828,000 in 2022?23. The administration indicates the proposed augmentation would be allocated to the seven existing regional coordinating organizations, as well as up to 15 new organizations in areas of the state that are not currently covered by the program and have low financial aid application rates. CSAC has identified various such areas across the state, including in the Far North, North Coast, Central Valley, and Central Coast regions.


Ongoing Demand for Cash for College Workshops Is Likely to Increase. As part of the financial aid application requirement enacted last year, districts are to direct students to relevant support services in completing their FAFSA or CADAA forms. Accordingly, student demand for Cash for College workshops is likely to increase as the new requirement takes effect in 2022?23. Given that the new requirement is ongoing, student demand for financial aid application support may remain heightened in future years. At this stage, however, there are many open questions about the implementation of the requirement-including what types of student support districts will provide, whether those activities will constitute a state?reimbursable mandate, which other entities will offer support, and what gaps in support will remain.