Lady Whatever stress waits outside these doorways We’re secure inside this household of light We constitute our own storyline

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Lady Whatever stress waits outside these doorways We’re secure inside this household of light We constitute our own storyline

THE BEST PAGODA OF FUNN “the fantastic Pagoda of Funn,” a frankly emotional ballad about two enthusiasts which just be sure to shut out the severe globe.

The movie stars become bright this evening The air is nice Though summertime’s over presently there’s a strange audio in the street

Across region They stare and grin as though they reside their particular physical lives simply to maintain their state we’re in nevertheless when we fight Then those hungry wolves close in We’re one thoughtless keyword away

From poison skies And severed minds And problems and sits So stick to me personally I’ll hold your fast therefore’ll establish a lifetime with each other within the fantastic pagoda of funn

Of psycho-moms And perishing stars And filthy bombs Please stick to me And hold me personally tight indeed we’re going to create a global together inside the big pagoda of funn

SECURITY JOAN “Security Joan,” a comical, up-tempo organization number about a man whom comes for an airport security shield, nevertheless keeps terrorism as its plot-premise.

Really, i suppose I needed a miracle If I had been going to make my airline I experienced to arrive at gate C13 plus it had been way-out of look

One thing within my carry-on case Tipped from the x-ray machine ‘Cause after that an angel directly from paradise questioned us to “move behind that display” so when I felt the wand brush over me personally you are aware I never experienced therefore clean

Better, woman you will not look for my term in your checklist Honey you realize I ain’t no terrorist Confiscate my sneakers, my cellular phone you understand i enjoy, love, love your Security Joan

This wonders soon will fade indeed we are going to have to work my personal enjoy merely to keep your flame from going out bring if we fail Next these walls will fall out so we’ll fin we’re in the world

I strung around within Starbucks ‘Starbucks’ is a chain of coffee shoppes. ‘Til just around boarding times however strolled on returning to the checkpoint Just one thing to my notice

She flashed that crooked laugh and said “Really, I believe you missed their airline” we stated, “there is a small changes of strategy And I’ll getting stayin’ for starters more evening” I could inform through the means she viewed me anything was gonna be all appropriate

Well, woman you will not select my name in your listing Honey, you are aware we ain’t no terrorist Confiscate my personal sneakers, my cellular phone you understand i really like, like, like you Security Joan, search me personally now

THE EVENING IS ASSIGNED TO MONA “the evening Belongs to Mona” is about a suicidal girl, moving inside her high-rise late into the evening, nervous to visit out in the day.

Mona’s being a young child in the evening When she is out It really is only for blank requirements She claims she actually is got it to here with light whilst the city rests which is whenever she appear lively

Well, woman you won’t discover my title in your list Honey, you know I is not no terrorist Confiscate my footwear, my cellular phone you are aware Everyone loves, like, like you safety Joan, hey, now

Certainly, the night time belongs to Mona When she is dancing alone Forty floor surfaces above the city CD spinnin’, AC hummin’, feelin’ fairly ‘AC’ was an ac.

Occasionally she’ll call at some unholy hour She would like to chat all this grim and amusing items Then she’ll go all peaceful inside her Chelsea tower Chelsea Tower is actually a 820 foot skyscraper located on Sheikh Zayed roadway in Dubai, joined Arab Emirates. The 49 facts building are filled by a hotel and domestic apartments. When completed in 2005, Chelsea Tower had been the fifth-tallest building into the area. That is certainly whenever we hold off To see the way the tale finishes