Working she chats that have Aya, who is certain that Noriko has become secretely in love that have Kenkichi

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Working she chats that have Aya, who is certain that Noriko has become secretely in love that have Kenkichi

Granma will pay brand new elderly son so you can massage therapy the girl: the child is spending less to get a miniature instruct. At the same time, Noriko provides went to a wedding that is having eating that have Aya and two hitched loved ones. The newest hitched girls protect brand new delight from relationships. Aya, bear in mind, is pessimistic about the cures set aside to help you spouse of the husbands, and you can has about the versatility from single female. This new hitched of them look down on this new single of them. Girls intend to meet again with the weekend on Noriko’s lay. At your home she chats along with her cousin-in-legislation concerning matrimony and also the food. Their cousin try secretely eavesdropping, interested to ascertain if she will look at the the new suitor. Everyone are stressed for her discover i, involves go to Noriko’s mommy and you may reveals that an investigator have come asking questions relating to Noriko, without a doubt hired from the suitor.

Koichi, as well, was examining the latest suitor. The fresh new businessman and Noriko never have met consequently they are nearly engaged. Tami’s guy Kenkichi are a great di is permitting him raise their litttle lady. Noriko’s moms and dads as well have forfeit a kid regarding combat. On week-end the two hitched women unwind. Aya (dressed again within the a beneficial kimono) and you can Noriko try sorry one particularly close friends are drifting apart, nonetheless remark it cannot be aided. At the same time Noriko’s parents was restaurants when you look at the a treat a playground and reflect this is the happiest time of the existence, with their kid joyfully hitched and you can Noriko about to marry also. They stare at the a great balloon on the air and you will echo one to a kid need to be weeping somewhere.

His father has lost one hope, however, his mother has pledge real time

Kenkichi drops because of the to state hey to their dated relatives Noriko and you may Fumiko. It remind your to acquire remarried such as for instance their mommy desires him in order to. His girl demands a parent, at all. The guy manages to lose his vibe with his wife Fumiko and informs the girl to shut up and the guy tells their mother than she desires way too much getting Noriko (but their mommy responds which have a peek that means Noriko try value this much). Koichi, nonetheless demanding, scolds their college students if you are ungrateful additionally the students choose a stroll because of the sea. When the youngsters usually do not go back for supper, Noriko goes shopping for him or her and Kenkichi support the woman find them, while you are Koichi pretends to be indifferent and you will plays squeeze into their closest friend.

Koichi accounts to his spouse along with his mother that the suitor try respectable entrepreneur, however the girls don’t like the fact that he could be 12 ages more than Noriko

Kenkichi could have been offered an alternative job during the a different sort of town who would imply a higher paycheck. His mommy doesn’t like the idea and you will privately cries. Kenkichi are a close friend out-of Noriko’s missing cousin. The two household was really close. Towards the eve out-of their deviation Kenkichi’s mother Tami informs Noriko from her dream you to Kenkichi would remarry together, Noriko, and Noriko unexpected situations this lady because of the acknowledging and no concern, because if she had constantly looking forward to the deal. Noriko makes the dated lady very happy. Given that Noriko is leaving our house, she runs into Kenkichi themselves even so they barely exchange a term. He’s to go away that have an early on train. Whenever his mommy says to him of your own offer she put up, he will not rejoice: he knows what is future 2nd.

Noriko try exposed to the whole family. It remind the lady that he’s good widower that have an early lady. She will not frequently attention. It encourage the woman that he is making city. She does not appear to head. She doesn’t have a rational reason on her behalf decision. She only believed that it absolutely was the right thing to do. Noriko’s mothers try not to state far but they are obviously upset. The next day she lies to help you Kenkichi’s mommy regarding the this lady parents and her brother’s ideas. Kenkichi’s mother is during paradise. Upcoming Aya drags Noriko to see the great-looking rich entrepreneur she has refused, and it feels as though Aya is just one who would like to ily try conference to determine if they will give its recognition.